Delete Data from iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

Erase All iPhone Data Permanently, Nothing Recoverable

No matter you decide to sell your old iPhone 5/4S/4 on eBay as a second-hand product, trade-in for some new device like iPhone 5s/5c or donate it to charity, you'd better wipe all the data in your iPhone so as to prevent your important private information from being stolen by identity thieves. Use iPhone Data Eraser, you can perform the erasure by yourself.

iPhone Data Eraser is an outstanding program that empowers you to erase the iPhone data including contacts, SMS, pictures, videos, call logs, and so on, permanently and become unrecoverable even if you use iPhone Data Recovery.

It is quite efficient and safe that you don't need to worry that these wiped data will be retrieved back later because the program uses US Military spec over-writing technology to make the data unrecoverable. Even if your iPhone was just jailbroken or the carrier of your iPhone was locked, you can use iPhone Data Eraser to erase all your private iPhone data permanently.

Erase Data from iOS Device in Safe Mode

3 Different Ways to Erase iPhone Data Safely

• LOW: Erases your iPhone quickly (1 pass)
If you choose this mode, all your data that stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be all wiped permanently with fastest speed.

• MEDIUM: No one knows that data have been erased before (2 passes)
This option writes two passes of random data followed by a single pass of the detected data over the entire iPhone device. It empowers the data erasure to be untraceable. All the data on your iOS devices including existing and deleted data will be overwritten by random data.

• HIGH: Meet the DOD 5220 - 22 M standard (3 passes)
This is the most safe data destruction option. It writes over the data 3 times by using then standard of DOD 5220 - 22 M. Nothing can retrieve these erased data afterwards. It will last a longer time but it is the most recommended because it is the safest one.

The Erased Data Be Unrecoverable

Possibility of data recovery: ZERO

It is impossible to recover these data that was already wiped by iPhone Data Eraser.

Note: For iPhone Data Eraser can wipe your iPhone data permanently and no software can recover them back now, you should remember to backup the data that you don't want to lose before you erase iPhone data with iPhone Eraser.

Supports all iPhones, iPads and iPods ever created.

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